Sobaos Ortiz Sañudo

Alfonso Ortiz Gutierrez.

Carretera Nacional 623 s/n. Bajo Villegar. 
39699 – Corvera de Toranzo.

Phone: 942 597 699
Facebook: Ortíz Sañudo.

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Originally from Vega de Pas, Sobaos Ortíz Sañudo takes up the witness of a family linked to the production of sobaos and quesadas of recognized name.

With a workshop located next to the emblematic national route 623, they offer a typical product of the Valles Pasiegos, respecting the artisan production and trying to have the best raw material in the area.

From the hand of Alfonso Ortíz Gutiérrez, manager of the company, the products reach many corners of Cantabria daily, with a clear commitment to offering a fresh product based on a recipe shared from generation to generation.

It also offers the possibility of visits to the workshop where the steps for making their sobaos and quesadas are explained.