Sobaos Salmón

Barrio El Cruce 25, Vargas.
39670 – Puente Viesgo.
Phone: 625 11 11 03.
Facebook: Sobaos Salmón.

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With the workshop located in the town of Vargas, sobaos y quesadas Salmón begins to gain a space little by little in the market after it recently changed owners, giving a new boost to the company and its commercial activity.

Attending to traditional recipes, as well as careful preparation, they manage to make one of the reference products in this sector, obtaining a unique and novel flavor that leaves no palate indifferent.

In addition to their products, which they also sell at fairs and markets, there is the possibility of knowing the workshop where they make sobaos and quesadas both personally, as a family and in groups, giving prior notice.

Its owners are entrepreneurs from the region, knowledgeable about the sector and with extensive experience in baking.