Obrador Casa Ibáñez

Sobaos Pasiegos y Quesadas Ibáñez
La Jarran 1º bloque
Bajo Vargas

Phone: 942 599 090


Product type: “Sobaos” and “quesadas”
Direct sale: Yes

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Thanks to the drive of a young entrepreneur, Casa Ibáñez , a small family business was founded at the beginning of this century.

It started in a small shop and workroom, in which they made traditional bakery and typical products. In 2006, due to the rising demand, they moved to a bigger workroom.

Thanks to effort, hardwork and perseverance he has managed to get into the agri-food market.

Casa Ibáñez has the IGP seal, and is written into the Artisans Registry, which means a guarantee of quality. They maintain an innovative attitude, which can be seen in their artisan products. Arranged visits can be made.