Recta de Pola 3, Selaya.

Phone: 942 59 02 68

Product type: “Sobaos” and “quesadas”
Direct sale: Yes

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Joselín Sobaos y Quesadas already has a long history of dedication and determined commitment to quality, attached to the land and in accordance with the most deeply rooted family tradition.

Excellence in the selection of the best raw materials on the market is for this company a non-negotiable issue. The slow, careful manipulation, jealous to the extreme in the execution of sobaos pasiegos and quesadas is part of the daily work in the workshop. The attention to packaging and the presentation and corporate image of its products also stands out for its care and elegance.

Tasting a sobao pasiego, or a Joselín quesada becomes an emotional experience that is born from several premises: excellent raw material, excellent handling, care and detail in the finish and presentation, modern and qualified traceability.

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Group visits (reserve in advance).

A little of history

José Sainz, Joselín, and his wife Antonia form this family. Since their humble beginnings in Vega de Pas, they have managed to creat a traditional business with future prospection.

Their move to Selaya in the 60s meant the beginning of an uninterrupted improvement, thanks to the second generation: María and María Ángeles. They refused to fall into market temptations and kept the idea of elaborating the best product, with the best raw material and an absolute respect for the traditional ways.