Tarruco Huerta Ecológica

María Espinel González

Phone: 620 975 602

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Tarruco Huerta Ecológica

In Sandoñana (Villafufre) has been fully developed the recent project of the eco-garden Tarruco. This plan consists on grow with care and without chemicals all kinds of seasonal vegetables. We pretend to offer an ecological, sustainable product, of responsible cultive and trust-worthy for the consumer.

Tarruco is part of the CRAE, completing the conversion period to achieve the Ecological Certification. The next project phase will attempt to implement this vegetable production with a line of artisanaly processed vegetables, based on their own production.

Their vegetables are conceived for a client wishing to invest on their health, betting on quality alimentation without chemical additions, based on environmental and eart-rythm respect. They intend to work in a local level, decreasing their environmental impact by avoiding long distance logistics and collecting products on their ideal ripe moment. Their vegetables can be distinguishable for their taste and originality, since they try to grow less common vegetables, such as a variety of tomatoes, field peas, celery, rhubarb, yellow zucchini, luna, pak coi, Chinese kale, physallis, etc.