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Natural caves

The Cantabrian caves of El Castillo, Las Monedas, Las Chimeneas, La Pasiega, La Garma, Covalanas, El Pendo, Hornos de la Peña and Chufín are members selected group of 40 Spanish locations declared a World Heritage site. Atapuerca and Altamira. which are archeological sites, stand out above the others. These caves dwellings contain paintings from between 30,000 and 10,000 years b.c. and belong to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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Cuevas naturales en Valles Pasiegos
Monumentos y patrimonio en Valles Pasiegos
Monuments and heritage

Come and meet centuries old architecture and singular, natural places that breathe from the history of the Pas Valleys. Explore the traditional Pas cottages, the stately manor houses, the convents, collegiate churches, chapels, churches, palaces, mills, bridges and high towers from the Medieval Ages.

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Museums and interpretation centres

The lush landscapes from the region, that once were home to the very first Pas settlements, are now full of a varied cultural and ethnographic heritage. This is also one of the areas where thermal tourism in Cantabria began, thanks to the Spas of Puente Viesgo and Alceda, that in the mid 19th century enjoyed a fame and reputation that is still maintained today.

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Museos y Centros de Interpretación en Valles Pasiegos
Naturaleza Valles Pasiegos

Glaciers, mountains and rivers endow this area with unmatched landscapes and a rich biodiversity. Its kilometres of cave galleries and high peaks  make it a destination for active tourism and adventure seekers. Escape the busy life and connect with the nature and dreamy landscapes this place can offer.

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Routes and trails

If you are all about sports and physical activity, the Pas Valleys has a route just for everyone of all ages. Experience kilometres of the natural world where you can choose between trekking, hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, climbing or visiting theme parks.

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Rutas y Senderos en Valles Pasiegos
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Unique landscapes and a rich biodiversity: glaciers, mountains, rivers and still unexplored places. Kilometres of cave galleries and summits to do adventure tourism and all types of activities. In the Valleys you will unwind in open nature and discover the dreamy surroundings.

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