Cabarceno Natural Park

A park focused on awareness on endangered species and care and respect for the environment.

This is without a doubt one of the most attractive places in Cantabria, a must see during the whole year. Located in a backdrop of sharp limestone cliffs up to 30 metres in height, the visitor can roam for more than 750 hectares and see how more than 1,000 animals from the five continents of the world live in semi-freedom.

Animales parque de cantabria
Animales parque de cabárceno

An ideal visit for friends and families, that follows a winding path of more than 27 Km of a well sign posted road. This enables a discovery by car, bike or by bus. It also has a cable car in its interior, which allows the visitor to enjoy the park from a unique perspective. And, of course, a must see is the sea lions and the birds of prey performances, that will leave you in awe.

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Cabarceno Natural Park

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Cabarceno Natural Park

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