N-623 road

A road marked as touristic destination, crossing 16 of the Valleys municipalities.

The historic N623 road has a total length of 153 Km, of which 93 Km go through the province of Burgos, 30 Km go through the region of the Pas Valleys and the other 30 Km cross the rest of Cantabria.

At both sides of Escudo Pass, limit between both territories, and also at both sides of the road, the visitor can discover an impressive landscape that has an architectural, cultural, ethnographic and rich environmental heritage that will inspire and entertain.

Mapa carretera N-623
Paisajes desde la carretera N-623

Each place invites us to a deeper discovery of the busy past of this throughfare and is part of the collective memory, as you can appreciate in the recipes of the restaurants and the buildings which shelter the travellers. All of it is told by its inhabitants  that can surprise the visitor at any of their stops.

Thanks to the hard work of the Association for the Promotion and Development of the Pas Valleys as well Burgos Council, Burgos Alimenta and the city Council of Piléagos and Camargo to maintain the preservation of this roads history.