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Alpine Project
Phone: 942 564 661  / 691 681 813

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  • Mountain bike
  • Rental service and guided routes
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Canyoning
  • Trekking
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Speleology
  • Vía Ferratas

 More information on the adventures

When we started this project, our idea was to make the mountain available to everyone. So they could enjoy it as much as we do. For this, we have a selection of accesible activities for each impairment. Each pictogram indicates the chosen activity’s accesibility so that we can offer an important variety of accesible adventure. Proffesionality and care, these are our goals and for them we also have adapted transportation, so that we can all enjoy together.

All year.
Activity 1 : Climb to Castro Valnera

We take as meeting point San Roque de Riomiera at 9am to order a coffee in the town bar, and we approach La Traba, curve in which starts the hiking ascend to Castro Valnera. It is the highest peak in the rock mass, which we reach in three or four hours, to enjoy the view from its 1,718 metres. The return is slow, being careful with the limestones, and once back in our cars at around 3pm we will go back to San Roque, where we will enjoy a good meal with a nice beer.

Oriented to every age. Between 6 and 12 participants. Specific conditions: be used to walking. Must wear mountain footwear, warm clothes and something to eat and drink. Price: 42€/person.

Activity 2: Circuit of the Pas Valleys (mountain bike)

Starts at 10am in Selaya, and goes for 5 Km until reaching Pisueña, next to Pisueña river. We continue to Tezanos and Villacarriedo, crossing pastures delimitated by stonewalls and splattered with Pas cottages. We will be back in Selaya before 5pm, to shower and continue with our day.

Oriented to medium level participants. Between 6 and 10 participants. Specific conditions: none. Sportwear and biking shoes. Price: 36€/person.

Activity 3: Climbing in Liérganes

Enjoy the verticality of the walls in Angustina next to Liérganes and try out climbing with our security and guides. For this, we meet at 10am in Liérganes and go to the area by car. We will give you some basic notions, the material and to the wall, climbing until 5pm. After that, we will have some drinks and rest.

Oriented to all ages. Between 4 and 8 participants. Specific conditions: none. Comfy footwear and sportwear, plus something to eat and to drink. Price: 40€/person.

Activity 4: Canyoning in Pas river, during Easter

Oriented to anyone who can swim, between ages 14 and 60. Between 4 and 8 participants. Must wear swimsuit, mountain shoes that can be wetted and shoes for after the activity. Duration: half a day. Price: 40€/person.

Must make a reservation and confirm at: 942 56 46 41.

All of the materials for each activity will be given by Alpine.

Todos los materias se aportaran por Alpine para el desarrollo de cada una de las actividades.

Activities for all publics, from childs to the elder, we will adapt to the group. We will keep at every moment the security measures.