Armonía Animal


Armonía Animal
Pomaluengo 28
39660 Castañeda

Phone: 606 139 789

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Armonía Animal, non profits organisation and national directors of Personal Ponies in Spain, has as its goal to put children in development stages or with different capacities in contact with Shetland horses, benefiting in their physical, sensorial and emotional developments.

The activities that we propose are oriented to children and young people, still developping and learning, who will obtain a positive education based on relations, self confidence, teamwork, decision making, responsibility, patience, respet…

All year.

We aim at a practical and experimental learning through working with ponies.

We do not aim to present this as therapy, but as a way of connecting, observing and sensing other lifestyles.

The evaluation depends on every person and their conditions. Development of the most effective work. Reflexion.

We develop emotional intelligence, in order to know and value ours. Through empathy, we understand others, improving social relationships. We learn to act according to our emotions. Impulse control to get answers.

Little children with a slow development tend to show rather than tell, so a relationship with animals will help them cover their needs and learn skills that they will later apply to other life situations.
Consult at.: 606 13 97 89 ·