Bakery Maria Luisa

Paseo del Hombre Pez 6, 39722 Liérganes / Avd. Justina y Berdia 13, Sarón
María Luisa

Phone: 942 528 222

Product type: Regional bakery
Direct sale: Yes

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Pastelería Maria Luisa

Located in Liérganes and since 1979 is the bakery Mª Luisa, now having the workroom and office in Paseo del Hombre Pez.

There is an important bakery heritage in Liérganes with two specialties: “sacristanes” (puff pastry) and “corazones” (cinnamon flavoured buns).

In our establishments, the client will find a great variety of cakes. They will also find: pastries, sweets, almond pastries, sponge cakes, cookies, doughnuts, etc. And, of course, Pas Valleys traditional “quesadas” and “sobaos”.


Liérganes – Paseo del Hombre Pez 6, Phone: 942 52 82 22

Sarón – Avda. Justina y Berdía 13, Phone: 942 56 41 86