This route offers different attractives, standing out are those related to the natural habitats of riversides. The pastures and cottages of Cuadro and Cutil are also interesting, as well as some other constructions such as bridges, trails and walls, which fill a nice simple walk with content.

Starting from the square of Viaña in Cubirquío, we take the path going along Bustalvain river and ascending into the oak grove. The forest is with us for the first stage of the route, it gives way to seasonal pastures with scattered trees. This hillside, somber and of a steep slope, barely has any farming uses and does not have any cottages. As we approach the valley, we can see some isolated birch trees.

Finally, the river that we access is really attractive, with continuous waterfalls.

Higher up the valley, it is impossible to comfortably access the rough hillside, so our proposition is to go back down until we find the bridge that will allow us to cross the river. This construction is a simple, one-eyed, stone bridge dating from the second half of 19th century. Once on the other riverside, we find the cottage neighbourhood of Cuadro.

From here, our route will take us between plots and cottages, with a nice panoramic view over Campizo de Busticabañas, in Tejeda valley. Going slowly up, we cross El Cuadro on our way to Cutil. At the end of this cottage neighbourhood, the path goes into small forests mainly formed by oak trees and descends to our starting point.