Sobaos y Quesadas Pasiegas Casa Luca

Óscar González Fernández

Phone: 642 594 038

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Sobaos y Quesadas Pasiegas Casa Luca

In 1968, Adeluca was founded it was managed by Adela Martínez and her husband Eladio, who made and sold “sobaos” and “quesadas” from their family home.

Adela was a well known baker among her peers, and this encouraged her to take it up professionally. She began with few resources, starting from her own home and with the help of a neighbor who was a baker and allowed her to use his oven. The recipe is still traditional, with a clear prevalence of butter.

After Adela and Eladio, their daughter Carmen and her husband Gumersindo have continued the work until Óscar, third generation, became manager of the business.