Casa Olmo

Carlos Pardo del Olmo

Phone: 942 594 054

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Sobaos y Quesadas Pasiegas Casa Olmo

Founded in 1908 in Ontaneda is Casa Olmo, by Braulio del Olmo Madrazo, a tea room in which “sobaos” and “quesadas” were made during summer. They still make these products in a traditional way, greatly accepted by tourists.

The founder’s grandson, Carlos Pardo del Olmo is the current owner and commercialized the business because of a rising demand to distribute their products countrywide.

One of the most recent achievements of the brand has been the successful exportation of the Pas “sobao” to Mexico, where it has been well received. However, more than a hundred years since the business started, their shop is still in the same place, in Ontaneda.